The best practices for personalised workwear

The best practices for personalised workwear

So you’ve decided to go ahead and create a standardised uniform for your business? It’s an exciting time and your mind is likely filled with all kinds of possibilities about what your new clothing might look like. You may also have some questions, too. That’s why Alex Direct has put together some pointers to help you create your perfect personalised workwear.

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Choose the right custom workwear for your brand

While it can be tempting at this stage to just choose your favourite style, you do need to consider whether it fits the image of your brand. One example of a brand / clothing design clash might be if a formal solicitor used a short sleeved, bright yellow polo shirt as a company uniform. 

Making sure there is a synergy between the clothing style you’re opting for and the ethos of your brand is key to personalised uniform success. For inspiration, you might look to the uniforms of your closest competitors to see what they’re doing well and see what you might like to emulate.


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Make sure your uniform colours match your brand

Once you’ve made sure your clothing choice fits your brand ethos, you now need to make sure the colours you’ve chosen fit too. 
This is not to say that you have to only stick to one colour to be successful – look at the orange and purple uniform of Sainsbury’s - or have to stick to only the colours that are in your logo. But it does mean you should stick to at least your primary colour and then use complementary colours to build out the rest of your uniform. 


Choose the right custom embroidery

Once you’ve chosen your style and colours, it’s now time to get to the embroidery design part of your uniform. Here is where you need to decide what information you want to display on your clothing and where you want to display it. 
Options for what information you can add are almost unlimited: company logos, slogans, business names, employee names, addresses, useful information and warnings are to name only a few. The trick here can be to not get carried away and overcrowd your design. Consider only the information a client will be able to notice with a single glance - maybe a logo and employee name or job title - and leave it there. When it comes to embroidery, less is usually more.

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Don't forget to show personality

The ultimate goal of a uniform is to make your company be recognisable. When people see your staff members in your specific workwear, you want them to be reminded of your company, its branding, services and most importantly what you stand for. 
The most important thing when personalising clothing is to make sure it captures the essence of what your brand stands for. While this may sound like a big task, often a small tweak like using the correct font can make the difference.


Upload the right format for embroidery

Now you’ve chosen what design or information you want to have embroidered on your work clothing, the only thing left to do now is upload as a file Alex Direct can read. For best results, upload a high resolution JPEG or PNG file. Our software will automatically resize it to fit the space available. 
For more information on the personalisation process, see our guide here.


If you’re looking to design a new uniform for your team, then check out Alex Direct clothing suppliers. We offer an easy embroidery service to create high quality, personalised workwear.

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