Personalisation & Artwork Guidelines


Getting your look right is key.  That’s why we have options, offering various branding techniques that give different levels of finish on different materials, and we’ll help you choose between embroidery and print.




Gives a textured feel and appearance to a piece of artwork or branding. This is because the threads used are slightly raised above the surrounding garment. Great if you want a prominent, classic style of branding, or want a long-lasting item like embroidered overalls.

Our embroidery service involves using high-precision machinery to create thousands of stitches within a small area to create a highly detailed logo, artwork or wording on your chosen garments.



Printing  - Coming Soon!

For Print enquireis contact our customer service team by email

Creates you a more casual, sleek look for your branding at a cost effective price.

Printing is a diverse process with a choice of techniques available. Our print process works by creating the logo followed by applying the detail onto the garment itself using heat.

For high volume personalisation or waterproof finishes to cover a larger area, we can offer you a choice of highly durable print finishes to suit your garment and budget, creating bright, sharp colours.

Vinyl printing: Matte for a reflection-free finish, using heat-applied imprints. Best for simple logos in low volumes.

Digital Printing: Affixed using heat-applied transfers. Best for larger, more detailed designs.

The Printing Option for Personalisation will be added to the website in the near future.


Artwork Guidelines and Requirements

To ensure the highest quality finish to your personalised garment we have highlighted a number of requirements. When uploading a logo please adhere to the following:

  • Supported file types include: AI, JPG, PDF, PNG, SVG.  It is recomended that the file be no bigger than 2MB
  • You must own or have the rights/permissions to use any files that you upload.
  • Team or organisation logos that you have the rights/permissions to use.
  • Logos or designs that you have created.
  • NO Trademarked or copyrighted content such as brand logos and trademarks.
  • NO professional or educational/collegiate sports team logos or mascots.
  • NO Offensive, pornographic or inappropriate images or text.

Alex Direct reserves the right to reject any content for any reason. If your artwork is not accepted, your order will be cancelled and you will be notified.


Application charges

The prices outlined below are for embroided applications. For Print inquiries please contact our customer care team
by email

Quantities 1-5 6-24 25-99 100-199 200+
Price per application (ex VAT) £4.99 £3.99 £3.49 £2.99 £2.49
Set up of logo  (ex VAT) £9.99 FREE
Logo set up for current Alexandra customers existing designs FREE set up on Alexdirect for your existing Logos
Lettering (ex VAT) £4.99 £3.99 £3.49 £2.99 £2.49


  • Durability

    Embroidery will usually last at least as long as the garment itself, but does your job role or industry need it to? What if it's just a promo weekend, or you work in a job that wears out clothing at a rapid rate? Or your business has a high rate of staff turnover?

  • Colour Matching

    Do you need a specific colour for your artwork? Will the standard colours look right on the background colour of the garment you choose?
    For example, a black logo won’t show up on a black shirt.

  • Detail Level Of Artwork

    Some designs might be better suited to a particular customisation type,
    but does that technique work on the garment you like?

  • Garment Suitability

    Remember that some garments can only use certain branding techniques and others are better suited to some techniques over others. Take fleeces: print isn’t an option as the heat required would just burn the fabric, so the recommended technique is embroidery.