About Alexandra



About Alexandra

Alexandra.co.uk offers comprehensive workwear solutions for every area of your business, protecting your workforce from head to toe, whether they are braving the elements, working in a factory or sitting at a desk. Everything in our range is selected, tested and manufactured by experts to ensure they meet latest standards of compliance and performance. All Alexandra products are guaranteed for two years from date of delivery.

No other single supplier of workwear offers the range Alexandra can offer you,
direct from stock and in a huge range of colours, sizes and styles



Alexandra History

The Alexandra Drapery Company was established in Bristol as a draper’s shop during the 1850’s by Alfred Isaac Davis, selling fabrics and household linens.

Bristol was an affluent city with a major dock area and many small manufacturing and engineering workshops. All clothing was made to order from fabrics and patterns selected in the Alexandra drapery shop, tailored by seamstresses and delivered to customers’ homes. By the First World War, Alexandra supplied garments to the thousands of women who volunteered to work in nursing, agricultural and factory roles.

As the role of women in the workforce expanded over the following decades, so did the demand for protective workwear and uniforms. In 1959, a new company was established called Alexandra Overalls Ltd, selling a range of off-the-hanger workwear garments for women by mail order – and so the Alexandra known to millions of workers worldwide was launched!

Acquired by Men’s Wearhouse in July 2010, Alexandra then had the financial backing and support of one of North America’s largest retailers. Beyond that, Alexandra also benefited from the shared expertise and resources of sister companies which has allowed the business to grow to what it is today.

Tailored Brands Inc. have confirmed the sale of their Corporate Apparel Division and we are delighted to announce that our current Management team have acquired the business effective from 16 August 2019 with the backing of LDC, part of Lloyds Banking Group.

This gives us a fantastic opportunity to create a focused Corporate Apparel Group containing the current Dimensions, Alexandra, Twin Hill and Yaffy brands. The Group will provide a unique UK, US and European capability - an excellent international platform for future growth.


Mordern Slavery
We recognise that the health and welfare of all employees, external stakeholders, suppliers and the wider community is of paramount importance in the successful conduct of our business. Our statement has been written and published in accordance with the Modern Slavery Act 2015. It details our approach and strategy to ensure we implement the right policies and take robust corrective action when required.
Gender Pay Gap Report
MWUK Limited (including Alexandra, Dimensions and all Support Service business units) GENDER PAY GAP REPORTING Gender Pay Gap Report 2018/9 We are an employer required to carry out Gender Pay Gap Reporting under the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017. The Gender Pay Gap reporting gives a snapshot of the gender balance within an organisation and measures the difference between the average earnings of all male and female employees, regardless of their role or seniority. It is distinct from Equal Pay, which is about ensuring that men and woman are paid the same for carrying out work of equal value. We are confident, as a result of our regular analysis and monitoring, that we meet all of our equal pay obligations. We place great importance on our people and view it as our responsibility to understand and encourage parity wherever possible. We do recognise that, for a number of people, gender doesn’t simply refer to male or female and our priority is to ensure that our people are able to reach their full potential regardless of personal characteristics. Throughout the organisation we have good representation at all levels and we continue to work to understand and overcome any barriers. We pride ourselves on being an inclusive business, encouraging flexibility and part-time working and are currently implementing a trial for Agile working. We have reviewed our pay equality measures to ensure that people are paid equally for a job of equal value and we will continue to stretch our ambitions by seeking further opportunities to ensure that all of our people are able to work at their full potential. Our Results 2018 The average gender pay gap as a mean average is 18.8%, and the median gender pay gap is 15.8%. The overall UK median gender pay gap is 18.1% where male pay is higher than female. The average bonus gender pay gap as a mean average is 71.1% with the median bonus gender pay gap being 61.4%. The proportion of males and females receiving a bonus payment is 12.6% and this is directly linked to the achievement of personal objectives. Bonus payment recipients are determined each year, and are based on individual performance. The proportion of males and females in each quartile band is: Male Female Upper Quartile 48.9% 51.1% Upper Middle Quartile 36% 64% Lower Middle Quartile 24.1% 75.9% Lower Quartile 45.4% 54.6%